About us

Who are The Global Warblers?
We are a semi-professional, mixed voice a cappella ensemble who sings an eclectic repertoire of global music from madrigals to pop, and folk to jazz.

When do you rehearse?
We usually rehearse on Sunday afternoons, 2-3 times a month, and depending on the season and what performances we have coming up, we occasionally add an extra practice that fits everyone’s schedule.
Because of our limited number of rehearsal times, we do a fair amount of sight reading, and a little bit of practice on our own between rehearsals, aiming to perform away from the scores.

What kind of performances do you do?
We’ve performed at various venues, including:

  • Busking at Lotus Festival
  • The Farmers Market
  • Special events, such as Fundraisers or Benefit Concerts
  • House Concerts or Small Venues like Cafés
  • Retirement Communities
  • We also sing carols at various venues in December and invite family and friends to join in!